About Us

With over 20 years’ experience in the print industry, The Printing House has brought to life our customers’ ideas through our wealth of experience and print capability. Since our humble beginnings in 1991, we have developed our print technology and expertise to enable us to create our own stationery products through our new publishing house, Hunter & Mackenzie.

Inspired by an idea to bring together stunning photography and exquisite print stationery, Hunter & Mackenzie have partnered with an award-winning photographer, Jason Allison, to bring you our first edition of The Photographic Collection. All editions of the photographic collection will combine a luxurious notebook with beautiful photographs, to inspire you during meetings, travel or simply writing a to-do list.

Noteworthy Dogs is the first in the series from The Photographic Collection which features a beautiful portfolio from Jason Allison, that really captures the spirit and beauty of man’s best friend.

Whilst the photography is an integral part of the notebook, we have presented these artworks in a practical but beautiful format using fine quality materials to create a truly Noteworthy Edition